Coming together is a beginning,
   Keeping together is progress,
    Working together is success.

Christina & Martin Gierlich

Since 2004 we are together. Now it was time that we are a team professionally.

Our goal is the correct training of jumping horses. Because everyone has their own strengths can bring and we complement each other perfectly, we can respond individually to each horse. The welfare of horses is very important to us, therefore we also have a very intimate relationship with them. Working and feeding we take largely self.

Melanie Vortmann

Christina's "little" sister rides succsessfully to 1,40 classes and she has a fine hand for young horses.

Susanne Vortmann

cares about our well-being and accepts various work in the office.

Sabine Löttert

is the heart and soul in the barn. She is responsible for the care and welfare of horses.

Heiner Vortmann

support us at all necessary work in the barn and on the farm.

Clara & Marie 


Our lovely Twins