When work is a pleasure,


life is to be happy.


From June 2018 all horses will be on our new / own facility in Rhede


In January 2018 we started to convert two old pigsties into horse stables according to our ideas. Both stables got a new roof and new floor. Windows and doors were cut in, the walls plastered new and the outer walls veneered again. In May the interior design finally started. Cleaning stations, tack room, lounge for customers, wash boxes and boxes were built before the big move was due at the end of May. Two large pastures for the broodmares and the young horses were fenced in, smaller meadows for the tournament horses as well as paddock and lunging rings are available,

The riding arena was completed on 01.06.18 and the work on our new and own facility could begin.In line with the onset of winter, the riding hall 20m x 50m was also completed by  Van den Brink company from the Netherlands.We are very proud of everything that we have already achieved through a lot of our own work and are also looking forward to the next small construction projects that we have planned