if you have  one time success, it´s may be a coincidence.
If you have two times success, it´s may be luck.
If you have three times success, so it is hard work and proficiency.

Martin Gierlich
born 1982
qualified horsetrainer
Many  years responsible as trainer  in prestigious stables for the  young jumping horse

among others: sport horses Merschformann, Christian Ahlmann, Ulrich Kirchhoff and René Tebbel

- Numerous victories and placements up to advanced level
- More than 20 horses qualified for the National Championships
  - More than 300 victories in jumping competitions for young horses
  - Placed in the Grand Prix  S *** Gahlen
  - Successful completion of the Rolink Cup Münster
  - Participants in the "tournament for the winner"  Münster

Christina Gierlich (Vortmann)
born 1986

- 2010 Golden Reitabzeichen
- Winner of the Grand Prix S *** Werne 2012
- Participation Dt. Balve Championship 2012
(9th  San Bernadino)
- Participation internally CSI *** Hachenburg.
- 3rd Grand Prix of Rastede in 2012 (San Bernardino)
- 2nd place Indoor Championship of Vechta in 2012 (San Bernardino)
- 3rd Grand Prix of Vechta in 2012 (San Bernardino)
- 5. Grand Prix CSI Neeroeteren (Belgium) in 2012 (S.Bernadino)
- Winner of the CSI ** Twente / Enschede NL in 2012 (San Bernardino)
- Placed in the Grand Prix of Münster 2013 S **** (S. Bernardino)
- 3x finals with ponies at National Championships
- Champion team and individual trophies German Friendships
- Champion Young Riders Tour Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
- 2. GP internally youth tournament in Diest (Belgium) (Zapecko)
- Bronze medal Westf Championship JR
(Arturo  jun.)

- 2x participation Dt. Youth Championship (U Arturo. Catwalk)
- Participation Award for the Best (Arturo jun.)
- Winner Mitsubishi Millenium Trophy Dormund (Luna)
- Winner of the European Youngster Cup Dortmund (BB Carvallo)
- Winner EY Cup Finals Small Frankfurt Festhalle int S **
- 2nd place Medium Tour Nuremberg (BB Carvallo and Luna.)
- Top rankings in the EY Cup in Donaueschingen, Bremen, Dortmund and Nörten-Hardenberg.
- Participation Horses & Dreams Hagen (BB Carvallo and FairPlay.)
- Winner of the Grand Prix of Rhede S ** (BB Carvallo)
- Overall winner Provincial Award TdS Münster